Finding the fintech phenomenon

According to CFA, a global community of more than 130,000 investment professionals,  fintech has increasingly captured the attention of the financial services industry over the past several years, Larry Cao writes in a post.

To find out in which areas fintech will have the biggest impact on the financial service industry, they asked a pool of 333 respondents what aspect of fintech they believe has the potential to most transform the finance sector as we know it.

While blockchain technology has risen to an all-time high, 22% are believers in robo-advisers. Compared to previuos survey from the CFA Institute conducted earlier in the year, these results suggest that blockchain technology has leapfrogged robo-advisers when it comes to the finance industry’s perception of its potential influence as an agent of change in the years ahead.

The third most-popular option in the CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief poll was mobile payment — propelled by dramatic successes in China and other parts of the world — with 19% of the vote. Survey respondents found P2P and crowdfunding to be less glamorous trades, earning 8% and 7%, respectively. Given the variety of scandals in China’s P2P space and Lending Club’s lackluster US performance, these results are not especially surprising.

(Via: CFA Institute Blog)

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