Tech City UK and HM Treasury Announced Their Move for the UK to Hold the Lead in the Global FinTech Race

Launched in 2010 by the former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, with the aim to support the East London tech cluster known as London Tech City or Silicon Roundabout, Tech City UK announced that they will launch the new FinTech Delivery Panel for industry initiatives and begin a discovery phase for a new FinTech Professional Services Hub to help businesses source the legal, accountancy and other professional services they require.

In other words, the strategy is two-fold as on one side they will advise the government by driving FinTech specific policy recommendations and, on the other side, support startuppers in the areas they serve from London to Manchester in order to further the creation of new businesses across the UK.


Eileen Burbidge. (Source:

Eileen Burbidge MBE, who accepted the role of Chair of the panel as she is in a unique position as both the HM Treasury Special Envoy for FinTech and Chair of Tech City UK, said:

I look forward to convening the new FinTech Delivery Panel in order to progress specific initiatives, and also that there will be a FinTech services hub to inform younger FinTech startups about relevant professional advisors. All of these new measures will undoubtedly add to the likelihood of the UK maintaining its position as the FinTech capital of the world.

Find out more here.

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