Equity Crowdfunding To Boost Microsoft Valuation to $1 Trillion

Thanks to the acquisition of LinkedIn, Microsoft (MSFT) it is likely to become the first digital company to get to $1 trillion market cap by taking advantage also of equity crowdfunding, Equities.com claims.

The combination of two factors it is likely to pave the way for this: on one side digital companies have highly scalable models that address more than a billion individuals; on the other side, government regulations, like the one from the American SEC in May 2016, enable online equity crowdfunding to become the fourth major digital innovation to evolve to the point that, professionals suggest, the Social Investing Community industry which is currently in its early days will be as big as the social media industry by 2025 as $3.3 trillion per year which will go from the crowd to businesses by 2021.

On top on this, experts contend:

the public has an insatiable appetite for making small bets and purchasing lottery tickets that provide the chance to make a big profit.

Therefore, considering that

With its LinkedIn acquisition, Microsoft has become a social media player

Equites.com’s Michael Markowski predicts:

The acquisition positions Microsoft to be a leader in the emerging Social Investing Community (SIC) industry, which is the key to online equity crowdfunding becoming ubiquitous.

Find out more here.



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