London Crowned the Queen of Rewards Crowdfunding as The Old Smoke Secured the Global Top Spot with the Most Successful Campaigns in 2016

London had the most successfully completed rewards crowdfunding campaigns of any city over 2016 in the world, news report.

In fact, according to data released by The Crowd Data Center, the world’s observatory for the seed-crowdfunding also known as reward crowdunding, London reported the higher number of successful campaigns (1,280) among the 128,000 launched over the past year.


In the UK Edinburgh came second to London, followed up by Manchester, Bristol, and Glasgow. 

Los Angeles (1,236), in second place, led the US pack which launched the most campaigns and raised the most money during 2016.

New York,  firmly in third place with 1,044 successful campaigns, is followed up by San Francisco with “only” 544 campaigns.


California Style. Campaigns in the Film industry were the most funded in 2016 as California was awarded the top state for number of successful campaigns (3,448).

On a country level America, the birthplace of crowdfunding, reported the higher number of successfull campaigns in 2016 (15,515 for a value of $549,620,638),  while the UK got to the second place with 3910 campaigns followed by Canada (1,230), Australia (550), and Germany (424).

From a category point of view, while technology projects raised the most on average ($117,402 in 1,999 funded projects) and the largest average pledge or contribution ($194 vs an average of $94), gaming campaigns were the most popular with most backers on average (250 in 6,486 ended projects).

However, event though according to the Founder and CEO of The Crowd Data Center, Barry E James

Seed-crowdfunding is maturing and as it does there are more entrepreneurs, producing better campaigns, getting more backing

much more remains to be done as only 1 in 5 campaigns reached its funding goal (18.78%).


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