£100m IPO for SyndicateRoom

New IPO for Syndicate Room’s professional investors. The online investment platform, which has been recently awarded Best Investment Platform during the 2016 Growth Investor awards and partnered with the London Stock Exchange to play a role in initial public offerings therefore expanding its role from equity crowdfunding to professional online investing,  is acting as intermediary in Arix Bioscience’s Initial Public Offering.

SR-PrimaryLast 2 February, the global healthcare and life science company supporting medical innovation announced its intention to launch an Initial Public Offering to raise up to £100 million to support opportunities in healthcare and life science.

In particular, the purpose of the offer is to exploit a rich pipeline of opportunities which include a number of early-stage drugmakers and university partnerships.

The company set an offer price of 207 pence a share that will be available until 16 February.


Commenting on the announcement, Dr Joe Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Arix Bioscience, said:

The life science industry is going through an incredibly productive phase, following decades of investment in fundamental science. We are already seeing the emergence of breakthrough therapies deriving from better understanding of why and how diseases develop. Arix has privileged access to some of the world’s most innovative businesses via links with academia, research accelerators, our own fund management organisation and extensive industry- networks. We believe we can build businesses which improve outcomes for patients and unlock value for investors. We have a fantastic team with proven capabilities in identifying, building and operating successful life science businesses, supported by an exceptional Board. This IPO aims to continue the momentum we have seen in building a balanced group of high quality life science businesses.

Tom Britton, Co-Founder and CTO of SyndicateRoom stated:

We are incredibly proud of our continued drive to bring retail investors into the primary issues for public markets. We are getting more of the public involved in initial public offerings one deal at a time and our investors are starting to become a force in the space.

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