The UK boasts a world-class early-stage investment culture

Millennials are twice as likely to invest in early-stage companies as their older peers, a recent study from SyndicateRoom confirms.

According to its main findings, younger people are making use of tax efficient products aimed at early-stage companies more than people aged 51 and above.

In particular, the survey pointed out that 92% of investors aged 18–30 believe a portfolio of diversified early-stage equities will help them to achieve their long-term financial goals, compared to 49% in the older category.


Goncalo de Vasconcelos is the Ceo of SyndicateRoom, the online investment platform based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Chief Executive of SyndicateRoom, Gonçalo de Vasconcelos said:

Millennials have become the unlikely group investing into British companies and taking advantage of tax efficient products thanks to online investment platforms such as SyndicateRoom.

One of the rationales for this is that, research argues, the level of knowledge of these products is much higher among millennials, as well as for those with more than £1 million in investments.

It is encouraging to see access to information and to tax efficient products such as EIS Fund Twenty8 are driving this change in attitude with millennials joining typically professionally advised wealthy investors with over £1m in assets.