Crowdfunding and Diversity

In such turbulent times which have seen Brexit, Trump’s victory and the global rise in populism and nationalism,  crowdfunding as a category of Fintech it seems to offer a viable solution for an open, global, inclusive and diverse society.

For example, how a crowdfunding market leader like Kickstarter cope with such an issue?

In a recent post on its corporate blog, the company points out that:

Biases and bottlenecks in the funding process limited entrepreneurial success to a few, well-connected people.  By creating an open and engaging ecosystem for people to unite around ideas that matter to them, we’re making entrepreneurship accessible to all.


diversity has long been a challenge for the tech industry, but it’s a challenge we’ve leaned into since our inception in 2008.  In an effort to improve transparency and encourage other companies in the industry to work on diversity, we first published our diversity statistics in 2014. Moving forward we are excited to publish annual diversity reports, and share what’s helping us continue to make progress.

Main findings include the following:

indiegogo-diversity-report-1Find out more here.