10 Ways to Spot a Fake Crowdfunding Page

How to spot a crowdfunding campaign in the era of fake news?

Jessica Ratty, head of PR at Crowdfunder, has given us some tips on how to stay alert when donating to campaigns online, the BBC says and content, backers, and ways of donating all play a pivotal role in this.


  • Be aware of poorly explained campaigns.
  • If it’s donations-based, check to see if a charity is directly involved; is their logo on the page?
  • A lot of pages go viral and make national headlines – are there any mentions of these campaigns in the news?
  • If it’s rewards-based, what are the rewards like? Are they reasonable?
  • Also check the team behind the product.


  • Check to see who is pledging – has anyone famous put their name to it?
  • Are your friends donating?
  • It’s also good to check the comments section and see if the project owner is updating backers.


  • Make sure there is a recorded transaction of your donation.
  • Also, the project owner should have made it clear on their page on how the money raised will be spent.

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(Via: BBC)