¡VAMOS! Crowdcube to seek growth in Spain

According to the latest figures by Beauhurst, a blog post reveals, Crowdcube helped companies to raise funds 2.7 times more when compared to the nearest competitors, namely SyndicateRoom and Seedrs, as the company leads the British market with a 58% share.

In particular,  the Exeter-based equity crowdfunding platform enabled 29 fast growing businesses to raise over £23 million over the first quarter of 2017.

In this respect, the company points out that:

the Q1 figures put Crowdcube on a trajectory to beat last year’s investment record of over £80 million raised.

What’s interesting, is noticing that

the growth in large raises reflects a trend of corporate investors and venture capital firms investing alongside the crowd.

Looking ahead, the firm affirms that despite Brexit, they remain confident of the position of the UK as financial powerhouse in Europe as they

feel it is the time to expand our operations outside of Spain where we are already well established as the largest crowdfunder and offer our investors the opportunity to have greater exposure to other markets. Despite posturing from some EU leaders, we’re confident Britain will retain its position as a financial services powerhouse because of its innovation and flexible regulatory regime.

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