Juicy Emotional Rewards

Speaking at the Institute of Fundraising‘s technology conference in London last week Charles Welles, the chief marketing officer at JustGiving, the leading global online social platform for giving, urged charities to embrace digital technology challenges to foster their fundraising activity as about 80% of crowdfunding donors on JustGiving donated from mobile phones, compared to 60% of fundraising donors, media report.

Crowdfunding will be bigger than any one charity by 2019.

Charles Welles – JustGiving

The manager argued that donors’ habits have changed and that the fundraising industry should move accordingly to avoid being left behind:

It’s just that the way you ask and the way they respond has been completely disrupted. Donor behaviour has changed and it won’t change back.

The rationale behind this, he claimed, is the fact that young people want

to give on impulse when a cause touches their heart. They want to be able to give frictionlessly. They want to see the impact of their money and feel the juicy emotional reward of having changed a life.

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