Slava Rubin: “Equity crowdfunding is a brand new industry.”

On Tuesday, Crowdfund Insider hopped on the phone with Slava Rubin for a quick update as to how he things are progressing for Indiegogo in the equity crowdfunding side of his business on the first Reg CF Anniversary.

Rubin said the Reg CF Anniversary was super exciting and they are generating real data and feedback on selling securities online:

We launched in the middle of November, so only half the amount of time in operation. We are 12 for 12 for businesses that have reached their target. We are at a 100% success rate.

On Equity Crowdfunding he said:

Equity crowdfunding is a brand new industry. Most people do not really know what it is. Especially for the everyday man or women. Some of the more sophisticate investors understand it. There is still a lot of learning to be done.


“We are full circle a decade later. We have come back to our roots. We are really excited to democratize access to capital.” (Slava Rubin, Founder at Source: Fortune)

Asked about future plans and predictions, Rubin said:

I think you are going to see continuous growth. If you look at how Indiegogo grew in the early days… if you look at how Crowdcube grew in the UK. I think we are seeing the same type of growth.

Find out more here.

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