Invesdor adopts the VC-led crowdfunding model

Venture capital funds and crowd investors can nowadays invest side by side in the same offerings at Invesdor as the fintech company saw two VC-led funding rounds close last week, a press release announced.

Invesdor CEO Lasse Mäkelä says:

In UK crowdfunding it’s already relatively common that a VC acts as the lead investor while the tail of the funding round is raised from the public. The VC benefits as their portfolio company gains visibility, while the other investors get to invest on the same terms with professionals.

New Invesdor Logo

Translation service provider Transfluent raised €760,000 from more than 200 investors including Finnish venture capital fund Vision+ that increased its stake in the company. HelioZenit, an Åland-based company making solar panels, raised €100,000 half of which came from Ålands Utvecklings Ab (ÅUAB), a VC company backed by the government of Åland.

Both Vision+ and ÅUAB subscribed for shares on the same terms as all other investors.

Lasse Makela NEW

Many entrepreneurs still think that they have to raise funding from one channel at a time: ‘first an angel round, then crowdfunding, then perhaps one from a VC…’ In reality they should combine different funding channels, thereby getting the best of all worlds, such as the knowledge and networks of professional investors and marketing benefits of a digital funding campaign, Mäkelä recounts.

Earlier this month, the leading equity crowdfunding platform in the Nordics announced two new hirings: Erik Rehn as sales director and Mikko Kangasaho as project manager in Invesdor’s IT team.

Invesdor CEO commented:

The recruitments are a strong addition to our company’s two core areas: business-to-business sales and platform development.