London Still FinTech Capital of Europe

While EU warns UK Brexit’s clock is ticking and City leaders seek cross-party team for Brexit talks, a brand new research confirmed London received more FinTech investments than the other major European cities combined since 2014.

In particular,

London has established itself as the European FinTech capital in the past three years attracting over $3.6bn of investments into the sector during that period. Following in second place is Berlin which has raked in only $670m in FinTech funding, less than fifth of the amount raised by London-based companies. Third place was occupied by Stockholm, which was pushed by the large rounds raised by Payments & Remittances giants Klarna and iZettle. Paris is the only other city in Europe to have raised over $0.5bn since the beginning of 2014.

Source: FinTech Global

Looking at the number of deals, London still holds the leadership with 466 deals,  over three-times the number of deals compared to Berlin, the second city on the list.


London, Berlin, Paris, and Stockholm have a strong start to the year while Berlin is capturing increased share of FinTech investments in Europe.


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