LUNES. Crowdfunding for Climate Change

While Sweden has committed to cutting its net carbon emissions to zero by 2045, Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement has seen as a potential major setback to the global effort to slow climate change.

This does not come without an additional price as just 29% of Americans support his move, one in two opposes it, and 79% say the US government should address the climate problem, The Guardian reports, pointing out that 75% of Americans support regulating or taxing carbon pollution, including 62% of Trump voters and that about half of Republicans support a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

However, the real cost of this is the share of national GDP at risk from climate change which, according to a new article by the Harvard Business Review,

exceeds $1.5 trillion in the 301 major cities around the world.

Al Gore, whose The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change  set the ground for debating about the necessity of a new global political course in light of new challenges and risks globalization brought into the scene as to keep up with the pace of closely interconnected and mutually reinforcing changes, has recently argued (video below) that the

green revolution is bigger than industrial revolution and happening at faster pace than digital revolution.

In facing these challenges, entrepreneurs play a pivotal role, McKinsey says. This is the case, for instance, of Marisa de Belloy, who offset 6 million tonnes of carbon through Cool Effect, her crowdfunding platform which helps people buy carbon credits to offset carbon production.

Interviewed by Forbes, (embedded below),  she said that Americans produce an average of 17 tonnes of carbon per year and that

in a recent survey of 1,400 adults believing in climate change caused by humans, 75% agree that there is something they can personally do to help the planet, but yet only 40% have taken action.

So, how can social entrepreneurs like Marisa create large-scale change?


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