LUNES. Top 10 Crowdfunded UK Breweries

According to a brand-new report from Off3r, the world’s first crowdfunding aggregator, more than 40 breweries in the UK, and half a dozen craft beer retail operators, had taken the crowdfunding route to raise cash for their expansion over the past four years.

Beer fans have invested almost £50 million in their favourite breweries through crowdfunding sites, the research has found, with the number of individual investments
totalling over 65,000.


Who does invest in breweries? (Source: Crowdfunding Taps Beer Drinkers Enthusiasm)

At least six brewing companies have raised sums in excess of £1.7m at a time. Others were less ambitious, successfully passing fundraising targets as low as £300. However, brewing ventures made up four of the top 20 biggest crowdfunding efforts in 2016.

Among the top players, BrewDog on which Oliver* wrote ealier this year – leads the pack. Who are the remaining 9?



Download the full report here.


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