The Mayor of London’s Early Stage Business Fund Expands its Reach by Selecting a Leading Equity Investment Platform

VentureFounders, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, will co-invest with existing partners in cutting-edge tech start-ups based in London and ready to accelerate their growth.

The company has been in fact selected as a partner by the London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF) and will give businesses raising on its platform access to additional investment while offering the possibility to take part in larger rounds, a press release states.

James Codling, Co-Founder and Managing Director of VentureFounders, said:

We are delighted to have been selected as a partner by LCIF. London-based companies raising through VentureFounders will not have the opportunity to apply for additional capital through LCIF, providing additional security, the opportunity to prove their business models faster, and putting them in a better position to go for their next funding round. London is a key hub for disruptive tech businesses with the potential to become global players, so it is vital they are supported financially by initiatives like LCIF.

Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor for Business, said:

This is great news in the development of the fund and further evidence that London in open for investment. I am pleased that these new partners are on board and look forward to seeing them play a key role in the growth of London’s tech scene in the years to come.

Maggie Rodriguez-Piza, Chief Executive of Funding London, said:

We are delighted to welcome our new co-investment partners, and look forward to working together to support the dynamic London tech ecosystem.

VentureFounders will join 14 co-investment partners including the new ones announced today: Albion Capital, Concentric Team LLP, Mustard Seed Impact Ltd, Startup Funding Club Ltd.

Since LCIF was launched in 2015, it has invested £14 million into 88 tech companies, which have attracted more than £98 million in external funding from its co-investment partners. LCIF has created more than 600 new jobs and safeguarded a further 250.







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