3 Tips For A Successful Equity Crowfunding Campaign

In a recent video (embedded below), Crowdcube‘s Senior Equity Finance Manager Emilien Hoet, shares his tips for a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.

He says:

1: Preparation for your crowdfunding campaign

The first, I think, is preparation. Marketing is an inherent part of success, and having as much marketing collateral ideas, updates, and FAQs prepared before you launch a campaign, is an essential part to success.

2: Get your valuation right

Secondly, I’d say valuation. Having the right price for your round that is both reasonable and fair, is going to ensure that the conversations you have with investors are productive and engaging, as opposed to anything else.

3: Secure a lead investor before launching your campaign

And finally, having some lead investment for the round.

Increasingly, crowdfunding has moved from being alternative finance to an investment marketplace, effectively.

And having other funding sources as part of your fundraise can be great for validation. I’m talking about venture capital, institutional investors, or even simply some high-net worth’s or angel investors who know a little about the industry. It gives the crowd a lot confidence that you know what you’re doing and the opportunity’s been vetted by people who are in the know, and it also provides a little bit of momentum in your campaign, gets things off the ground, and fundamentally people want to join a campaign that’s making progress. And that’s what you need to build.

(Via: Speeding Films)

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