Millennials Lead the Charge of Sustainable Investing, Whitepaper Confirms

Generation Y investors believe that their investment decisions will have an impact on the causes they care about the most, a new white paper from Morgan Stanley shows.

Survey Morgan Stanley
(Source: Morgan Stanley)

According to the main findings of the research, consciouness around sustainability has lept from the consumer space to the investment sphere as

Millennials investors are nearly twice as likely as the general pool of investors to have made a purchase because of a brand’s environmental or social impact, and three times more likely to work at or apply to a company because of its stance on issues.

This value orientation is confirmed also by the fact that while 75% of survey respondents believe that their own investment decisions can influence climate change, 84% think those could alleviate poverty.

However, skepticism still remains as 59% of polled Millennials believe that this kind of investing still involves a financial trade-off.

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