Is Equity Crowdfunding Just for FinTech?

Five out of the top 10 equity crowdfunding rounds in 2017 so far are in the FinTech sector, UK Tech News reports. The full list includes:

1. Revolut – £3.8m – FinTech
2. Landbay – £2.4m – PropTech/FinTech
3. Monzo – £2.4m – FinTech
4. Den – £2.27m – Smart home/IoT
5. Moteefe – £1.75m – E-Commerce
6. Pixelpin – £1.5m – Cybersecurity
7. POD Point – £1.5m – Electric vehicles, transport tech
8. Powervault – £1.5m – Energy
9. Freetrade – £1.2m – FinTech
10. Wise Alpha – £1.2m – FinTech

According to Seedrs, which holds 5 campaigns for a value of £11.72 million compared to Crowdcube that counts 5 campaigns for a value of  £7.8 million:

FinTech businesses look to crowdfunding as a source of capital alongside VCs and angels. These businesses often turn to us for a few reasons: to top up their rounds, enhance customer engagement, acquire new customers and encourage long-standing advocacy for their brands.

Crowdcube agreed adding that:

Emerging players value the ability to have a close and collaborative connection with their customers.

Find out more here.

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