Agency 2.0 and Platform88 To Offer End-To-End Crowdfunding

One of best indicators of the growth of an industry is the growth of services around that industry. Crowdfunding is no exception.

So, Agency 2.0, a leading Los Angeles-based crowdfunding marketing agency, and Platform88, a premier Shanghai-based distribution, engineering, manufacturing and prototyping company, announced a new strategic partnership to deliver end-to-end crowdfunding services to clients across the globe. Through this collaboration, clients will have access to a broad portfolio of solutions designed to maximize and reduce overall campaign launch costs, seamlessly transition products from concept to market, and enhance backer confidence, a press release states.

As part of its commitment to continued innovation and expansion, Agency 2.0 will open a Shanghai office. The company is already running numerous campaigns in the region, and establishing a physical presence will help it optimize those campaigns while accommodating new demand. The Shanghai location will primarily assist Platform88’s early-stage Asia-based clients with pre-crowdfunding marketing and launch resources as well as serving as a homebase for Agency 2.0’s international clientele looking to efficiently transition into product prototyping, manufacturing and fulfillment.

The world-class engineering and manufacturing experts at Platform88, along with its deep relationships with trusted, vetted Chinese factories, will ensure end-to-end success for our clients while enhancing campaign backer confidence by eliminating the increasingly problematic timeline from funding to fulfillment, said Chris Olenik, CEO and co-founder of Agency 2.0.

In return, the new alliance allows Platform88’s network to have access to Agency 2.0’s primer solutions to accelerate crowdfunding campaigns and create and enhance new opportunities for its ecosystem.

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