Britbots launches the World’s First Equity Crowdfunding Platform for Robotics

Britbots, the mentoring organisation devoted to supporting British-based robotics start-ups, has launched Britbots CROWD, the world’s first dedicated equity crowd-funding platform for high potential companies in field of robotics and associated technologies, a press release states.

Dominic Keen, founder of Britbots, commented:

Whilst talking to investors about the British Robotics Seed Fund we realised that there was a broad appetite amongst investors to include some high-potential robotics businesses in their portfolio on a discretionary basis without necessarily going down the fund route. Hence we are delighted to have launched Britbots CROWD, the world’s only dedicated equity crowd-funding platform for robotics companies, giving investors direct access to this exciting class of investments for the first time.

The platform will give private investors the opportunity to build up a personal share-portfolio comprising of some of the most exciting companies at the leading-edge of this important contemporary investment theme.

Each of the companies listed on the platform will accept a minimum investment amount of £200, putting their shares well within the reach of mainstream investors. Additionally, most of the companies offer investors attractive tax incentives under SEIS or EIS; and they benefit from active mentoring and business development support from Britbots, raising the likelihood of delivering attractive downstream returns to investors.

Find our more here.

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