Fintech Race: 9 Crowdfunding Platforms That Raised The Most in The Eurozone Since Their Inception

According to a recent analysis by Business Insider, Crowdcube tops the list of the 9 European platforms which raised the most since their inception, with €400 million (£355 million).

From a segment point of view, Real Estate Crowdfunding tops the list with the German Exporo and the Swedish Tessin.

The media title pointed out that the ranking excludes peer-to-peer lending platforms and business angel syndicate platforms such as Syndicateroom.

1. CROWDCUBE (UK, £355 million)

2. EXPORO (Germany, £88 million)

3. TESSIN (Sweden, £66 million)

4. KISS KISS BANK BANK (France, £65 million)

5. COMPANISTO (Germany, £40 million)

6. MYMICROINVEST (Belgium, £39 million)

7. FUNDEDBYME (Sweden, £36 million)

8. INVESDOR (Finland, £ 33 million)

9. SYMBID (The Netherlands, £19 million)


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