5 Major Lessons on Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Oliver* excerpts from Quora’s How Do You Run A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?


1. Crowdfunding is an incredible amount of work

From pre-committing donors, to selecting a platform, to building your email lists, to getting video and creative assets together. You need six to eight weeks minimum to do it correctly.

2. Platform is key

Take time to really research which crowdfunding platform is best. Find out how much traffic they get and how much promotion they will give you. Maybe is worth asking to someone who have run campaigns on that platform before.

3. Commit the first 50% of your campaign goal on your own

The platforms will tell you 30%, but it’s 50%. This is your list.

4. Storytelling

Try to make every part of your campaign a story. From launching to the perks, to a donor that gave to you. Press will only cover launching.

5. Go for Facebook

Twitter posting and sharing is nice for influencers and reporters. Facebook, is a much more effective and larger source of actual donations.

Find out more here.

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