Digital Behaviour: JustGiving, Every Share on Facebook is worth £5

In the midst of the FinTech era, while 83% of charities communicate with digital channels, over 100,000 (52%) of them do not have basic digital skills, a recent report by Lloyds Bank points out.

Nick Williams, Lloyds Bank Managing Director, Consumer and Commercial Digital said:

It is still alarming to hear that one-third of charities still do not see how digital is relevant to them.

Even though if compared with 2014 the number of charities with high digital capability has grown more than five times, the report shows also that the main barrier for organisations with low digital capability is motivation as 61% of charities believe that an online presence is not relevant for their organisation.

Yet one of the main benefits in being digitally savvy is the fact that highly digital charities are also 50% more likely to report an increase in fundraising.

For instance, crowdfunding platform JustGiving states that every share on Facebook is wortharoung £5:

Our data shows that each share to Facebook is worth on average an extra £4.50. In contrast, sharing to Twitter is worth £1.80 and LinkedIn £3.30. From September 2011 to April 2012, Facebook sharing generated over £925,000, Twitter £55,000 and LinkedIn £22,000.

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