Social Crowdfunding Debate: Digital Fundraising ‘Terrifically Inefficient’


Rob Williamson (pictured above. Source: Community Foundation), chief executive of Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, and vice chair of the umbrella body for local grantmaking organisations, said:

Personally I worry about the proliferation of crowdfunding platforms because it is a terrifically inefficient way of raising money, along with issues around distribution.

For instance:

Clearly the proliferation of appeals in response to Grenfell was confusing for the public, courted reputational issues for the charities involved and raised significant concerns about how the money raised should be spent.

Speaking on a plenary panel on the second day of the Directory of Social Change’s Fundraising Fair, Civil Society reports, he added:

I’m not sure a coordinating body would stop that, in fact I’m sure it wouldn’t.

So what, one could ask? Williamson suggested that the sector might look more to

corroboration, partnership and shared protocols.

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