Indiegogo: “Crowdfunding is Kind of a Misnomer”

Over the past decade, Indiegogo has helped 800,000 entrepreneurs to raise more than $1.3 billion.

David Mandelbrot CEO Indiegogo

Source: SoundCloud

However, Indiegogo’s CEO, David Mandelbrot, has recently told Venture Beat that they are moving beyond that idea with design for manufacturing and hardware distribution.

He said:

In some ways crowdfunding is kind of a misnomer.

He explained:

The main thing is we’re seeing more products get manufactured and shipped. This year at the show there are hundreds of products that were funded on Indiegogo. Now these companies have their own booths here and they’re demoing products. Not only are these products getting manufactured, too, but they’re getting retail distribution.

He added:

The other trend we’re seeing is more and more companies using Indiegogo as a way to engage with their audience early. In the last year we’ve had campaigns from companies like Procter and Gamble, Honeywell, and Bose. They’re big, public companies. They don’t need to raise funds. But they’re using Indiegogo to validate the products coming out of their innovation divisions and launch those products to an audience they can engage with directly.

Find out more here.


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