Just Giving: Crowdfunding Will be Bigger Than Any Individual Charity in the UK by 2019, Even Though…

Charles Wells is Chief Marketing Office at crowdfunding platform JustGiving. Speaking at Fundraising Live 2018, he claimed that crowdfunding will be bigger than any individual charity in the UK by 2019, even though…

Speaking at Fundraising Live 2018Charles Wells, Chief Marketing Officer at JustGiving said charities should not see crowdfunding as a threat and instead see it as a way to introduce people to generosity, Civil Society reports.

Although you might see crowdfunding as a threat, it might actually be a really interesting way of introducing people to generosity.


Charles Wells,  Just Giving CMO

In particular, Wells suggested charities to start looking at crowdfunding as a method:

You can think of crowdfunding as a new donor base. And you can use crowdfunding as a method of getting people into generosity.

He also pointed out that putting together data from the last two years, it is likely that crowdfunding will be bigger of any other charity by 2019 although he is

not sure crowdfunding is entirely cannibalising the sector.

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