Impact Crowdfunding: ShareIn Partnered with Triodos Bank to Launch UK’s first Crowdfunding Platform to be Offered by a Bank

ShareIn, the online investment platform provider and founding member of the UK Crowdfunding Association, has partnered with Triodos Bank to launch the UK’s first crowdfunding platform to be offered by a bank, media report.

Triodos Crowdfunding Platform. Source:

The company, which is carving out a niche in impact crowdfunding by working also with Lendahand Ethex and Mongoose Crowd, has partnered with Triodos Bank with the aim of giving investors the opportunity to invest in both equity and bonds issued by established charities and businesses delivering positive social and environmental impacts.

Andrew Pickett, Co-founder of ShareIn said:

Working with Triodos, who are very well respected in the ethical finance sector and have raised more than £130 million to fund over 50 impact projects in the past 15 years, is a fantastic win for ShareIn.

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