HASBRO Starwars Crowdfunding

In the corporate era of crowdfunding, multinational companies use what was originally seen as a mechanism for entrepreneurs to raise capital for startups as a way transform their operations.

In particular, as also explained by experts Dan MaromKevin Berg Grell, and Richard Swart in Crowdfunding : A Corporate Era, crowdfunding mechanism has become a vehicle for marketing, innovation, market validation, sales, and intrapreneurship —functions that are essential to the survival of all businesses, large or small.

A recent example of this is the launch of a new crowdfunding platform, HasLab, by the American multinational toy and board game company Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS). Goal of the project is to bring to life new products via preliminary market tests.

As stated by the company:

HASLAB is Hasbro’s new crowdsourcing platform that hopes to bring dream products into the hands of fans. With your support, our goal is to make products that are trophy items both in significance and size that fans have been clamoring for. Once the campaign is backed with the minimum number of backers as listed by the deadline, Hasbro will bring the product to life.

The only project listed on the site at the moment is the Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge.

Find out more here.

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