5 Predictions for Fintech in 2018

ICOs and cryptocurrencies had a bigger than expected role in fintech and alternative finance in 2017, the latest report by Grow VC Group, the global leader of fintech innovations, points out.

Indeed, the announced big disruption they promised has not taken place yet. Will it eventually show up?

This is just one of several questions they ask in a very comprehensive report  which focuses on the main changes and drivers in the finance services industry.

Grow VC Report Cover.JPG

Click on the picture to download the FULL REPORT.

According to their view, 5 are the main predictions for Fintech in 2018.

1. Tech companies will launch their offensive in both B2C and B2B realms


“Companies like Google, Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon will bring their own consumers and back-office services to the market, and also acquire startups.” (Pic Credits: Fortune)

2. Distributed ledgers and finance solutions will become mainstream although blockchain will face some competition


“2018 will provide more ideas about which solutions will dominate.” (Pic Credits: Pixabay)

3. Data, data analytics and AI will be the big change-makers in finance services

“Lending and debt markets are areas where data and analytics can make a big difference.” (Pic Credits Forbes via Shutterstock)

4. The ICO boom will calm down but tokenization will spread to more established asset classes


“Projects, services, and startups are very difficult ‘asset classes’ to invest in.” (Pic Credits: Cryptopedia)

5. The value of Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies will remain volatile and unpredictable


However, “Bitcoin and some other leading cryptocurrencies will stay in the headlines.” (Pic Credits: Pixabay.com)

Find out more here.

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