5 Readings/Podcasts For The Weekend

1. The battle for digital supremacy (The Economist)


America’s technological hegemony is under threat from China. (Source: The Economist)

2. The scientist turned CEO who wants to gene-edit a way to cure cancer (Ozy)

Rachel Haurwitz is set to change medicine, agriculture and biotechnology as we know them. (Source: Ozy.com)

3. Antisocial Media (The New Yorker)


Reddit and the Struggle to Detoxify Internet. (Source: The New Yorker)

4. The Untold Story of The Women Who Made The Internet (Internet History Podcast)


“Her book comes out at a time when #metoo and net neutrality are major topics in the internet conscious and women’s roles are being redefined and rewritten.” (Source: Forbes)

5. Bahrain FinTech Bay (Reuters)

In smart new offices with Gulf views, a dozen firms work on digital currencies, blockchain-based payments and other financial technology. (Source: Blockchain Advisor)

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