Fintech: Lattice80 Launched ‘FintechDB’

Do you want to cut through the hype on emerging fintech startups? Lattice80, a Global Fintech Hub building an ecosystem for fintech startups, corporates, financial institutions, governments, and the public to collaborate, learn, and co-create has presented FintechDB.

an AI powered database aims to resolve the lack of specific information in a vast ecosystem.

Through this solution,

Investors looking for accurate information about emerging startups based on a set criteria, companies that wish to enter new markets and seeking local support to establish their business quickly, young startups that need support to scale and improve their offerings

will benefit from the information provided by the database itself.


Pictured above: Joe Seunghyun Cho, Co-founder and Founding CEO at LATTICE80. (Source: Getty Images, Bloomberg)

Joe Seunghyun Cho, Co-founder and Founding CEO at LATTICE80, explains:

We are absolutely focused on two things. One, to provide a robust platform for investment information. To identify trends and opportunities based on market data, track records of old companies, correlating custom variables developed over time. It is a complex machine learning algorithm crunching data in the background. Big data will take over the function of the human VC to a certain extent. A human VC is limited by the number of pitch decks s/he can review; we review many times more, and reliable data, through our engine. And we will even be able to set up venture funds and accelerators based on the system. Secondly, we shall be able to identify trends for corporates and financial institutions. Something everyone wishes they had in my various interactions across the globe, but somehow not available.

Find out more here.

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