Crowdfunding Arena: Crowdcube to Double Regional Fundraises


Is London still caput mundi? Looking at the new initiative of one of the leading platforms in the UK, Crowdcube, not any longer.

Despite the fact that the overall picture is of London increasingly dominating SME equity fundraising deals from all sources, the proportion of regional equity funding deals launched on the Crowdcube platform increased from 38% in 2016 to 50% in 2017.

Hence, working  partnership with six leading supporters of regional SMEs, the company based in Exeter made the decision to focus on regional businesses to double equity funding deals in the regions within five years.

Partners include the likes of:

  • BGF
  • G by Grant Thornton
  • Harper Macleod
  • IdeaSquares
  • Techstart Ventures
  • Virgin StartUp.

In a post on their corporate website, the company stated:

We share a belief with our six partners that the combination of technology, networks and regional funding expertise offers a powerful way to boost SME growth in the regions. Working as a team, we will engage with regional SMEs, advising them on their suitability for crowdfunding and co-investment, share information appropriately, and work with them to help them launch funding rounds on our platform.

Find out more here.

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