No Budget For Marketing? Go Crowdfunding

When Olivia Cantillon, co-founder and creative director of editorially-led shopping platform Own The Look launched her business in 2017 faced a dilemma:

Too early and customers might be turned off by glitches that still need to be fixed. But too late and what was once a unique proposition could be seen as dated and no longer new, writes.

With a previous experience in the fashion industry, Olivia spotted a gap in the online retail market: creating outfits made up of pieces  from emerging designers that consumer can buy on her website.

Olivia Cantillon is co-founder of editorially-led shopping platform Own The Look. (Source: Marketing Week)

In over a year she and her team boarded 40 brands but it wasn’t enough as traffic is everything for an online business.

So, having no budget for digital marketing was much more than an issue. Then the idea: turning to crowdfunding with the aim of raising awareness and engagement.

This is why a significant portion of the money the company raises will be used to bolster influencer marketing, something which is already starting to deliver positive results, the leading title Marketing Week points out.

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