New Study Confirms Crowdfunding Is a Substitute When Public Health Coverage is Low


Up to October 2017, 76 medical crowdfunding platforms have operated worldwide and raised over $132  million in 13,633 health projects as the United States is the country with the highest number of successfully funded projects in healthcare.

Data from a the first academic study to offer worldwide and cross-platform evidence on healthcare crowdfunding also reveals that

the number of successfully funded health projects is higher in those platforms based in countries where financial resources allocated to health are high, but at the same time where the public health coverage is lower.

In so doing, the study supports the view according to which crowdfunding and healthcare act as complements to serve the same purpose of reducing financial constraints in healthcare.

Lastly, there are some characteristics of platforms that are associated with the number of successful campaigns. For example, donation-based platforms are positively associated with the number of successful campaigns, while platforms dedicated only to healthcare projects are less successful.


Reference: Bassani, G, Marinelli, N. and Vismara, S. (2018) ‘Crowdfunding In Healthcare’ in The Journal of Technology Transfer (4)  pp. 1-21.