Why Invesdor Is Running An Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

With two weeks to go, Invesdor is looking for successfully closing their funding round as “the largest equity crowdfunding platform in the Nordic region, in terms of volume and turnover,” topped 110% of their target amount of 500.000 Euros to fuel their next development phase.

Invesdor’s Co-Founder and CEO, Lasse Mäkelä, says pitching investors:

We decided to create our second line of business which is called Invesdor Technologies which will be out financial technology arm to cover the platform-as-a-service offering for the traditional players in the market.

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Looking at the European fundraising market, Makela points out:

We estimate that the fundraising market in Europe is somewhere around 50-80 billion euros an only 1% of that market has been digitalized. We see a huge opportunity here for digitalization.

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