3 Things Slava Rubin Told On Crowdfunding 3.0

Slava Rubin is the founder of Indiegogo.

In a recent interview, founder of crowdfunding platform Indiegogo reflected on the evolutions of crowdfunding. Here you are three things he said.

1. Crowdfunding 3.0

Photo by Tobias van Schneider on Unsplash

“In the early days, I would call what we did crowdfunding 1.0 which was a perks-based model and then 2.0 which was a vanilla equity model. Now you could almost consider a 3.0 where it’s a blockchain-based investment model. So that’s how we’ve evolved.”

2. 2% or well below 2%

Photo by Daniel Tseng on Unsplash

How do you guys weed out the quality from crap, asks the journalist. Slava Rubin explained that while the perks model is very open as “it’s all backing a person”, when it comes to equity they have to make sure they are doing all the right due diligence “to ensure against fraud and other challenges.” This is why, “we actually have less than 2% of the companies that apply actually get listed (…) on the equity portal.” With regard to ICOs, although research are very similar to the ones made for equity, “the ratio of companies that end up raising with us versus applying is well below 2%.”

3. US is taking a conservative approach on ICOs


“The US definitely is taking a more conservative approach as it relates to being public with your offerings. I think that’s why since Q1 you see some of these ICOs going a little bit more private with their promotion as well as looking a little bit more international over their exposure.”

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