P2P Marketplace for Scientists To Open Next Phase of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign With Blockchain In Mind


Peerwith, the peer-to-peer marketplace for scientists, announced they are opening the next phase of their equity crowdfunding campaign to extend the offering to the public.

The company have just closed the initial, private phase of its crowdfunding campaign which was primarily aimed at experts active on the platform. A substantial part of the target amount was raised from this group.

Now, the company would like to welcome other interested investors to become Peerwith shareholders, to help raise an additional EUR 200,000 in equity crowdfunding, a corporate blog post states.

Ivo Verbeek, Co-founder and Director, Peerwith, commented:

Funds raised in the campaign will be used, among other things, to roll-out the recently announced PeerScienceCoin, a new blockchain-based payment token for scientists and academic institutions collaborating on peerwith.com.

The company’s experts work directly with researchers, eliminating third-party involvement to provide quality, tailored services via this unique relationship.

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