Ann Sofie Cloots Won the 2018 Cambridge-McKinsey Risk Prize With a Study on Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and Risk Management

Cambridge University’s PhD Candidate Ann Sofie Cloots was granted a prize of £3,000 as she won the 2018 Cambridge-McKinsey Risk Prize which awards the best essay on risk management by a current master’s or PhD student at Cambridge University.

Risk Prize Finalists Sipke Shaughnessy, Sean Day, and Ann Sofie Cloots. (Source: McKinsey&Company)

Her winning essay, “Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and Risk Management: Legal, Operational and Systemic Risks,” took on one of the hottest topics in technology today McKinsey wrote in a blog post.


Ann Sofie Cloots

A former associate in two US-based law firms and currently a PhD candidate at University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Law, Ann Sofie’s research interests broadly cover corporate governance, law & economics, behavioural studies, quantitative legal methods, legal theory and philosophy as well as the legal implications of fintech.

In particular, she researches how the legal model of the company, the economic model on which it is based, and management theory can be reconciled.

She commented:

I was always reading about it, but I was focused on finishing my PhD. It’s always been a big curiosity of mine and this essay was the perfect opportunity. My hope is that anybody who is vaguely interested, who wants to understand the risks behind the hype, the risks that we may not be discussing sufficiently

Cotts’ essay was chosen among two other finalists’, Sean Day and Sipke Shaughnessy with the former focusing on business risks for large hospital systems in the United States and the latter on traditional practices of risk management.