Brain Power


Brain Power, a Boston-based neurotechnology company, shipped the first 60 units of its award-winning Empowered Brain™ smartglasses on time, and will ship successive rounds of orders ahead of schedule. Orders were placed earlier this year during the most successful autism-related crowdfunding campaign ever ($165,000). Empowered Brain is now available (for families or schools) at at a limited-time deep discount, a press release states.

Empowered Brain is a wearable technology to help students with autism (or those on IEP’s for social-emotional learning or behaviors) teach themselves crucial life skills.

The children (or adults) wear the computerized glasses while interacting with a parent or teacher. Artificial intelligence detects things like faces and emotions. Users get points for making eye contact, for instance, or for guessing how the partner is feeling.

Other apps focus on managing transitions, self-regulation, and job skills. The system includes scientifically-validated Google Glass apps, a phone app, and an advanced web portal to view an unprecedented level of data and progress reports (for home use or school IEPs). The system is already in use in a range of schools.

Brain Power developed the augmented reality system in collaboration with Google, Affectiva, Amazon, MIT, Harvard, and Stanford.

Empowered Brain system for autism and ADHD based on Google Glass (Photo: Business Wire)

Brain Power has received many awards, and has won several grants including via the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program and several charities including GoFAR and LeslieFangFoundation. Research on the feasibility, safety, and effectiveness of Empowered Brain in autism and ADHD has been published in a range of peer-reviewed medical research journals including Frontiers in Pediatrics, JMIR, Frontiers in Education, and the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

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