Diversity by Innovate Finance

Fintech association Innovate Finance launched their new Diversity Programme led dy the Women Fintech Initiative 2018/ 2019.

The organization has created a programme of regular events that will include a mix of learning opportunities and community building.

In this context, they would also be delighted to work with members as partners in curating ad-hoc events around a specific theme, this years’ themes including “talent” and “capital”.

Charlotte Crosswell, Innovate Finance CEO said:

We have spent time talking and listening to the women in our industry. There is a clear, pragmatic business case for firms to have a diverse workforce.

She added:

We all feel the same: the more we talk about the issues that affect women in FinTech and raise awareness, the easier it becomes to instigate real change.

She concluded:

We also want to celebrate the male champions who have made a real effort to get women more involved in FinTech.

Find out more here or download the full programme here.