Feeding Social Change

Griffith Business School, part of the Australian Griffith University, runs a programme dedicated to social entrepreneurs called Social Entrepreneurs in Residence.

One of the companies involved in the project is the food distribution B Corporation Food Connect.

Pictured above, Food Connect director and Griffith Business School Social Entrepreneur in Residence Ms Emma-Kate Rose. (Source: Gruffith University).

Founded in 2004, they have been backed by 570 pledgers having recently closed a $2 million equity crowdfunding campaign on pledge.com (pitch embedded below) to purchase the warehouse it had been operating out of for the previous decade with the final aim of creating a local food hub.

At a recent event, Food Connect director, Emma-Kate Rose, said:

I had three other colleagues in there with me; they not only supported me in general but they used their networks for our campaign to promote it, so that was a huge benefit.

With the warehouse now secured, the enterprise will look towards ways to refurbish its operating space through improvements such as commercial food processing facilities and co-working space to better connect the community to urban food makers, local farmers, market gardeners and each other, a blog post by Griffith University reads.