Former Journalist and Businesswoman Sarah Gordon is the First Impact Investing Institute CEO

In a recent article published by the Financial Times, veteran business journalist Sarah Gordon recalls her experience of covering the City over the last 20 years.

She reckons that, “One thing that has changed in my 25 years of working in and then writing about finance is my understanding of business — and my understanding of how it should fit into society.”

In this regard, she argues that “business needs to do more than change its culture. It must challenge itself on what its purpose really is, not just what its investors want.”

She concludes by stating that, “As I approach 30 years in the world of work, I feel more and more strongly that business must embrace a new direction — one in which I hope to play an active part.”

Recently established Impact Investing Institute, the government-supported organization which aims to make the UK the global leader in impact investing, seized the opportunity by appointing her as their first chief executive officer.

A visiting fellow at Kings College London, Ms. Gordon also worked in fund management in the UK and the US, and at the UN Conference for Trade and Development in Geneva. She was a panel member of the recent independent inquiry into the future of civil society, led by Julia Unwin CBE, and was formerly a trustee of CSV, one of the UK’s largest volunteering charities, a press release reads.

In welcoming her, Dame Elizabeth Corley, chair of the Institute’s Management Board, says: “I am delighted that Sarah has accepted the position of CEO for the Impact Investing Institute. Sarah brings a valuable combination of breadth of experience and passion for the role, underpinned by a compelling vision for the Institute’s role and potential.”

Julia Unwin, chair of Civil Society Futures, adds: “Impact investing has great potential to address social challenges here in the UK and elsewhere. Sarah has the energy and determination to involve all the different civil society organisations focused on delivering lasting social change.”

To reach their goal, the Institute will encourage ordinary savers to choose ISAs, pensions and savings products that benefit the issues they care about whilst bringing together the UK National Advisory Board on Impact Investing (UK NAB) and the Implementation Taskforce on Growing a Culture of Social Impact Investing in the UK (Implementation Taskforce).

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