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Goldman Sachs have launched their Sustainable Finance Group. In a mail sent a few days ago to the bank’s employees, CEO David M. Solomon, President and Chief Operating Officer John E. Waldron, and CFO Stephen M. Scherr said:

“We believe that two significant long-term priorities are more inclusive economic growth and addressing climate change. Increasingly, these persistent and accelerating drivers represent a strategic growth opportunity and competitive necessity for our firm and our clients.”


“As a first step in that effort, we are pleased to announce the formation of the Sustainable Finance Group. This group will be responsible for partnering with our businesses to better serve our clients, drive innovation and capture emerging opportunities as sustainable growth becomes more top of mind for investors, institutions and companies around the world.

Leader of the group will be John Goldstein,

“(…) who co-founded Imprint Capital, a dedicated sustainable investing firm acquired by Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 2015.”

In a recent post on LinkedIn, he wrote:

“Hardly a day goes by without more statistics and examples highlighting the growth of sustainable finance. My own journey has been a microcosm of this growth. (…) Somewhere along the way, two important factors – inclusive growth and climate transition – had become significant drivers of growth, risk, and operational efficiency for businesses and investors and thus, for Goldman Sachs. The firm’s announcement of the newly created Sustainable Finance Group is our response to that evolution.”

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