Startups: How to get funded?

She aims to take on LinkedIn with her brain child, The Dots. The difference between the two? While the former was built with the corporate world in mind, the latter is an alternative professional network for the creative community.

Interviewed by The Entrepreneurs, the annual brand-new sister title of Monocle, entrepreneur Pip Jamieson shares her three-step strategy to raise funds.

1. First, build a network.

“Do it as early as possible. There are wonderful networks such as the AllBright, Blooming Founders and Angel Academe that can help you.”

2. Second, build a portfolio of mentors.

“I can turn to them for advice and having that knowledge base is increadibly valuable.”

3. Last but not least, persevere.

“Every no leads to a yes. I’m a living proof. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”