UK Start-Ups: How Can You Deal With No-Deal?

Personally, I am sick of it. After three years in such a nightmare, I am sick about Brexit. I am sick about the anxiety it has brought to the table, sick about the impossibility of planning my future (disclaimer: I chose to put on hold my startup project and a couple of earned backers because of it), sick of such a political game. I think the time to take back control of our business projects has eventually come. But first, let me put one of my favourite songs on to turn the volume down and think.

Indeed, whether or not Brexit negotiations will lead to a deal – thing which appears to be very unlikely right now – the moment is pivotal for all the players in the business arena, spanning from the big names firing due to Brexit to newborn startups worried about their future.

For them, I have found around a guide developed by Coadec, the coalition for the digital economy founded by Mich Butcher, editor-at-large of TechCrunch, and equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs‘ co-founder and executive chairman Jeff Lynn, which could be of help.

From data protection to visas passing from taxation and R&D funding, the document offers a complete overview of the issues which would have an impact in case of No-Deal Brexit.

“In it, we flag the top ten issues facing tech startups in the case of a no deal exit and plot the immediate steps startups should take to mitigate them as best they can.”

However, “We want to be super clear that this is no substitute for legal advice – and this guidance certainly isn’t a definitive list of everything your startup will have to deal with to prep for no deal, but it’s an important starting point,” the authors state in a post.