Crowdfunding: Amazon, Netflix and Everything in Between

What’s the secret to winning in business? According to many, the magic formula would include mainly three ingredients: knowing your industry, knowing the numbers, and knowing your clients.

Crowdfunding is evolving so it is not a surprise that online investing marketplaces have begun focusing on the backbone of their industry: investors.

Meanwhile, platforms have started exploring new business models as well with the final aim of making their operations eventually sustainable.

The move, this time, comes from Seedrs who aim to provide investors with further support throughout their decision-making process.

The London-based equity crowdfunding marketplace has announced a partnership with CityFALCON, a machine-learning based provider of professional-grade market intelligence through which investors will be able to browse sector-specific pages, which will also contain trending news articles from over 2000 global publishers. 

In addition to the pitch video, company vision and team information, in fact, investors will be given access to news pages so they can look at what sectors are trending, discover the recent developments about startups in that sector, and what other investors are doing to help inform their decision. 

In explaining the project, Joel Ippoliti, Chief Product Officer at Seedrs, sheds lights on a pivotal element of it: “Our goal is for investors to come to Seedrs and discover new opportunities just as easily as they might on Netflix and conduct a level of pre-purchase research just as conveniently as they might on Amazon. This is just the beginning of our journey beyond crowdfunding.

What if investors will become subscribers?