How Cambridge Try to Ease the Transition To A Sustainable Economy

Whilst the 25th Conference of the Parties, or COP 25, run by the United Nations (UN) is happening in Madrid and will go on for two weeks, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership launched a new business accelerator to help local and regional entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups tackle the challenges of a transition to a sustainable economy.

Dame Polly Courtice, Founding Director, CISL said: “SMEs and entrepreneurs have such enormous potential to drive the disruptive innovation and the change we need for a sustainable economy, but often there isn’t the support to get them to where they want to be. (…) Our new Accelerator will help develop resilience in a changing world and support those with a vision of a sustainable future to help create it through their own enterprise.”

In 2019, SMEs accounted for around half of turnover in the UK private sector, and three fifths of employment, highlighting the potential impact small business could have on addressing sustainability.  However, almost three quarters of UK SMEs are struggling to embed sustainability practices and put their ambition into action.

John French, Executive Director, Accelerator Programme, CISL said:

“Companies large and small are facing testing and highly interconnected challenges when addressing sustainability issues.

“ Many of these require whole-system thinking in order to progress to solutions. The importance of the Accelerator is that it will offer opportunities to learn from others, particularly across sectors, and there is growing recognition that there are significant opportunities to be derived from addressing sustainability issues in a more collaborative fashion and in closer association with the research community.”

Find out more here.

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