Planting 1 Billion Plants with Drones

In times of climate change’s debates, political failures and environmental disasters (just think about what’s going on in Australia), changemakers are working for a better world.

This is the case of this Canadian drone reforestation company, Flash Forest, that modifies drones to fire rapidly germinating tree seeds into the soil. In their campaign on Kickstarter, they ask for help to plant globally 1 billion trees by 2028.

How does it work? Partnering with other scientists focusing on botany, seed genetics, and forestry, they merge technology, software and ecological science to surpass traditional tree-planting efforts and rapidly accelerate global reforestation efforts.

What do they plant? So far, they have planted eight deciduous and coniferous species local to Southern Ontario. They easily fill their pods with seeds of virtually any tree species (except for acorns and a few of the larger exceptions). But they promise they can also plant any flora that’s appropriate for an ecosystem in its successional period.    

From Canada’s boreal forests to the tropics of Sumatra, we want to make an impact and rebuild degraded ecosystems on every corner of the earth. Forests don’t just pull CO2 from the atmosphere. 

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