I Am Collecting Data for my PhD: Can You Help?

Hi! Oliver* has been a great companion so far, during these years of doctoral research. It has been my way to nurture my passion for writing (and in a different language from mine!); it has been a great excuse to have an eye always open on the startup world which I am fond of; it has been my way to explore and try to share my account about the evolutions of the entrepreneurial finance industry, to some extent. But most importantly, Oliver* has been a great way to try to engage with a community of people to share the same passions.

Now, times have come for me to intensify my data collection efforts and give my dissertation a go to get discussed in a VIVA, hopefully soon. This is why I decided to write this short post and ask for your help.

I am looking to speak to anyone among you who has invested through a crowdfunding platform as my research is looking at how you screen and select what to invest in. All information provided will be anonymised and not shared.

If you are eager to help, I would be really happy to hear back from you! Just drop me a line using the contact form in the Get in Touch page. I will be shortly in touch with you!

Thank you,


Photo by Black ice from Pexels